Dynamol is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) for early-stage researchers (ESR) and experienced researchers (ER) funded by the European Commission under the FP7 - `People` Programme. The start date for the 4-year project is November 2010.

The project provides research and training opportunities for a new generation of 13 young researchers/fellows in the field of dynamic covalent chemistry for the preparation of more challenging molecular nanostructures. Successful research and training in this area requires the complementarity and diversity in synthesis, analysis and applications provided by both academic and industrial partners.

In spite of the tremendous relevance that nano-sized materials have gained in a short period of time yet, general methods for their preparation in a bottom-up approach from low molecular weight building blocks are still in very short supply. The ITN Dynamol conducts its own research on establishing a powerful new approach for the preparation of nanostructures based on dynamic covalent chemistry. Dynamic covalent chemistry combines the advantages of covalent synthesis (robustness of the bonds) with those of non-covalent synthesis (error correction, responsiveness) without any of the disadvantages (lability in the case of non-covalent chemistry and synthetic difficulty in accessing large structures through traditional covalent synthesis). This method therefore, has the potential to provide unique solutions for several important challenges in the preparation of molecular nanostructures like creating nano-sized assemblies of low symmetry, using orthogonal chemical reactions to increase structural complexity, or making molecular nanostructures with specific functions

This Network comprises 9 Full Partners from the academic sector, 2 Full Partners and 1 Associated Partner from the private sector, from 6 countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Israel and Sweden).


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